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Metrokane Warranty Information

Q: What services does Metrokane provide?

Metrokane Customer Service is set up primarily to service Product Warranties. Before calling or E-Mailing please read the information below, which we have found will often solve customers’ problems.

Please do not contact The Rabbit Store with warranty questions. We are a retailer of Metrokane products, and are unable to provide warranty service. If your question relates to an order with us, please click the contact tab above.

Q: When and how should I return a Metrokane Corkscrew under Warranty?

A: Metrokane Corkscrew Warranties:
Always Call or Email Metrokane before returning any item!

The majority of Rabbit and Houdini Corkscrews returned to Metrokane are in good working order. We stand behind our Product Warranty, but returning a good product is a waste of your time and postage. In most cases any problems you are having can be solved by either:

  1. better understanding how to use your corkscrew: For detailed directions for use and troubleshooting tips, click this link.
  2. replacement of a worn or damaged spiral: If you think you may need a new spiral, try replacing it before returning the complete product. To obtain a new spiral see next question.

Q: How will I know when I need a new spiral for my Rabbit (or Houdini) Corkscrew?

The Metrokane spiral is made of high tensile strength steel with a dense non-stick coating and mini-bearings in the head. It is designed to perform 800-1,000 cork removals, but extreme wear or mis-use can shorten its working life.

The most common abuse of the spiral results when the cork is pulled without removing the foil cap. This scrapes the coating on the spiral and shortens its life. Always remove the foil cap before pulling a cork.

Wax seals on wine bottles will also damage the spiral if not disposed of before opening the wine. You can remove wax from the spiral by placing it in boiling water for a few minutes. After that be sure to take off wax seals before opening the wine.

To keep the spiral in good condition, clean it occasionally with a damp cloth or sponge. Be sure to wipe away pieces of cork that may cling to the spiral.

If you would like to order a new spiral, click here.

Q: Can you help me with the operation of my Rabbit (or Houdini) Corkscrew?

Click on the link below to view instructions.

View instructions & trouble shooting!

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